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Hutch named the only games studio on the 2017 Best Places to Work List!

Hutch named the only games studio on the 2017 Best Places to Work List!We were thrilled last week to discover that we had been selected as one of the twenty-seven employers highlighted in the ‘Small Business’ category, by ‘Great Place to Work.’ The list was published in The Guardian and The Sunday Telegraph, and was compiled by company employees completing a survey, which explores working culture, conditions and feedback. It makes us indescribably proud seeing the results of our hard work. It’s such a great feeling to have a unified team, something that we have always prided ourself on and has been a company mission from day one.

We try to be innovative and accept that we might make mistakes, but we ensure we learn from them and move on. There’s still challenges ahead and Hutch will be always exploring various ways to improve workplace culture to get to the top and stay there!

In fact, Hutch was the only games studios on the list! We are also featured next to world renowned companies such as; Paypal, Mars and Cisco, who all made the final list.

“We’ve got off the line to a great start in 2017”, says our CEO, Shaun Rutland. “The studio has experienced fast-paced growth since just five of us founded the studio back in 2011, growing to a workforce of over 50 car enthusiasts today. We have always strived to make Hutch a special place to work, and making it into the Best Workplaces list is not only a huge honour, but supports the fact that this focus has been felt by our crew.”

Diana Florescu our Marketing Assistant, says “I am not surprised Hutch has made the list, it truly is a great place to work. They have been very supportive of me to work flexi so I can complete my masters at UCL. Hutch is building a culture of accountability and support that makes it possible for me to control my own time. I have always known what work I needed to do, and Hutch trusted me to get it done.”


A few of our initiatives, approaches and practices that have impacted on our listing as one of the best places to work:


  • Flexible working – We allow everyone to work remotely two days a week. This not only saves on the hassle of travel, but improves work/life balance and allows team members to focus on their work in prefered environment. This is made possible through an open and transparent communication. At Hutch we are honest and open with our employees, and they in turn are honest and open with us.


  • AutonomyAll the development processes are driven by the team and are unique to the problem we’re solving. The project teams have different ways of working to suit the type of game we are creating. They are autonomous and have a strong sense of accountability,  from what game they make to what features that has, it all comes down to the team. We operate a flat structure by allowing employees to take control of their own projects, owning the overall direction and long term vision. 
  • Hutch named the only games studio on the 2017 Best Places to Work List!Create a culture of reward, recognition, and excitement where fun inspires creativity – We often organise Game Jams, 1-Pagers and we have our weekly dose of “Numbers” where the Growth & Insights team is highlighting our successes and providing context so we can learn together. We strive to give everyone at Hutch a voice, even our office dogs Winnie (left) and Lola (right) are allowed to attend meetings!Hutch named the only games studio on the 2017 Best Places to Work List!



  • BYOD – We allow people to bring their own devices and work with whatever product they feel comfortable – this causes theHutch named the only games studio on the 2017 Best Places to Work List! least friction and through a careful selection of services, seamlessly integrates with company infrastructure. This is also good practice for making everyone aware of all the products we’re creating as a studio. We are implementing BYOD as a strategy which allows us to get feedback from as many people as possible and therefore improving our products. Great ideas can come from anywhere!

We are extremely proud to be part of this list, and this is testament to our focus on culture and people, which are at the centre of our business.



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