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What You Missed from London Games Festival

Hutch speaks at the Leaders Forum as part of London Games Festival

If you missed the 11 day marathon celebrating art, culture and business of video games, don’t worry! We’ve pulled together an overview of the key events from the week. It all kicked off with EGX Rezzed and closing on April 8th with the most awaited part of the event, the Character Parade. Here are the key highlights from LGF 2017.

London Games Festival 2017 welcomed a wide range of industry experts and pioneers all excited to give talks and share their views on a broad spectrum of topics. Over the course of a lively Leaders Forum, Hutch’s CEO Shaun Rutland, met with other game developers and leaders to discuss the state of industry, and key learnings from being in the business.  

Shaun comments: ““We need to build businesses, not just games in order to get investment and build a company of scale”.

One of the key lessons Shaun picked up as a first-time entrepreneur is that investors are interested in businesses that can scale fast, and have the backing of a strong team.

“You must show that you truly believe in your idea” adds Shaun.

Shaun also mentioned how important it is to build a culture of continuous improvement in the age of digital disruption. A company’s culture is a critical factor in increasing employment and investment. This is a fundamental reason why the team at Hutch have been able to build a mobile games studio entertaining over 100 million players worldwide.

Here’s what you missed from London Games Festival

Alex Brunicki, of Backed VC (also an investor in Hutch) said in a previous interview: “What really sets Hutch apart in our eyes is their unrivalled expertise in motorsports, an area of huge potential in mobile that is yet to be won.” Read more here.

Here’s what you missed from London Games Festival

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Other speakers at the event wanted to highlight the latest changes impacting the digital landscape in the UK, where development in video games is set to grow further in 2017. Action has also been taken to stimulate growth in the industry. The UK leaders support companies to become more diverse and innovative through a games tax relief; a measure that TIGA also recently campaigned for. This effectively reduces the cost and risk of games development incentivising investment and job creation in the games industry.

Events like London Games Festival help to maintain the UK’s stature as a leader in innovation.

Here’s what you missed from London Games Festival

Visitors were able to explore the latest technology currently shaping the future of digitised thinking. Regent Cinema was the original birthplace of cinema in the UK. Here the Lumière brothers’ Cinématographe demonstrated the first ever moving images in 1896.

Fast-forward to now, a century later to the digital age with an array of mobile and tablet devices and the advent of emerging technology, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality; urging people to gather and debate these topics.


Here’s what you missed from London Games Festival

A panel chaired by ‘s,  discussed A.I. as community moderation tool with , &


LGF also organised an eSports Tournament Ground Finalfor the first time where over 400 students played Rocket League in the first UK inter-school eSports competition. We think that some of the students who paid Hutch a visit last month must have been very keen to compete in this tournament.

  • BAFTA Game Awards 

You’re probably itching to find out who shined in the limelight as the very best games of the past year and the talented individuals behind creating them were nominated for various BAFTA awards.

The stage called up big names such as Uncharted 4 and Firewatch, but in the end it was Playdead’s Inside that took home the most awards. Congratulations to them!

For a full breakdown of the winners, check out the list on the BAFTA website.

  • Games Character Parade 

It’s not everyday that you see the steps of St. Paul’s full of game icons! This year hundreds of fans and game enthusiasts marched the streets of London for the Games Character Parade. You can spot your favourite games’ mascots and heroes by checking the latest pictures from the parade at @londongamesfest twitter account.

London Games Festival is a great way to spread interactive entertainment across the UK and to educate more people about the industry. This year there was something for everyone, from a new eSports tournament  to series of inspiring talks that Hutch was very proud be a part of.

Here’s what you missed from London Games Festival

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