Uphold the law
in a city full of mayhem.
We wanted to make our original hit Smash Cops even more challenging for players, so this free-to-play relaunch is tuned from the ground up with explosive new power-ups, bonus missions and extreme pursuit vehicles.

Smash Cops Heat turns the action all the way up to unleash rapid fire takedowns with InstaRam and fend off relentless felon attacks with the new and improved Super Cop.

Turning up the action with InstaRam and improved Super Cop

"Hit the streets and
take on a city full of criminal mayhem!" Shaun Rutland, CEO
Smash Cops Heat - Preview #1
High performance cars with ground breaking controls.
Players get to choose from a huge variety of high performance pursuit cars ranging from American muscle to exotic European hypercars.

It also features our unique ground-breaking, easy to use driving controls - ultra-responsive and accessible to players of all abilities.
  • Cruiser
  • Interceptor
  • Enforcer

A range of high performace pursuit cars

"To be really challenging for players we really had to challenge ourselves" Shaun Rutland, CEO
Smash Cops Heat - Preview #1
Now on Windows
Smash Cops - Hutch Games

Player ratings & reviews

“It’s great
I loved every level”
by Epicly
“Smashing fun!!!
Smash Heat is a vibrant, challenging and fun game. Enjoy! :-D ”
by Daviea132
This app is amazing the graphics are cool and the game is super.”
by Joshuabond077
Smash Cops - Hutch Games
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